COVID-19 Pandemic

As part of our re-opening of child care we are required to actively inform you about COVID-19, our pandemic plan and the protocols we have put in place.

Before returning or starting care with us you will be provided:

  • With a copy of our most recent pandemic plan
  • An updated copy of the Ottawa Public Health Centre-Based Child Care Guidance document, dated September 8, 2020 (view document below)
  • with a copy of the Ministry of Education most recent Operational Guidance for Child Care COVID-19 Outbreak (view document below)

The following Notice of Risk is included in the Ottawa Public Health Guidance document and is copied here as our notice of risk as well:

When children from multiple families attend a childcare centre there is a risk of the COVID-19 virus coming into the childcare centre. Children who are infected with the COVID-19 virus are more likely than adults to have very mild infections or to have no symptoms at all, but these children can still transmit the infection to other children, and to adults in the childcare centre. This means children can bring home an infection acquired in the centre and put other persons at risk. The child care centre has a screening process to help detect infections when there are symptoms; however, the screening process will not detect infected children or adults who do not have symptoms at the time of screening.

Dow’s Lake Daycare (DLDC) has adopted Public Health screening protocols and strategies aimed to minimize risks in child care settings for COVID-19 but there is no assurance the DLDC can keep COVID-19 from the facility.

Although DLDC has used its best efforts to put in place screening protocols, policies and procedures based on advice and guidance from Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, the Ministry of Health and Ottawa Public Health, there is a risk that the Parent’s child(ren) will be exposed to COVID-19 or another disease and the Parent accepts the risk that their child(ren) may become ill with COVID-19 or another disease as a result of their child(ren) attending the Child Care Provider’s facility.