Staff and Board members

The Staff

At Dow’s Lake Daycare we have a very low staff turnover. We are proud of our competitive staff salaries and offer medical benefits, with a generous vacation and sick leave package.

All of our full time employees have their CPR and First Aid certification. They all required a positive criminal check.

Collectively they possess extensive training and experience in education for pre-school children.

Meet the team

Director: Christine Morris, RECE


Program Lead Assistant: Geneviève Vachon, ECE

Toddler Program Preschool Program
Cathleen, ECE
Terri, RECE
Nimo, RECE

Tara, RECE
Karen, ECE
Alyssa, RECE

kitchen and Program Assistant: Madison (preschool program pm only)
 Cook: food provided by Pur Catering

The Board

Dow’s Lake Daycare is governed by a Board of Directors, members of which are elected by the voting members of the Corporation. The Board’s function is to set policies, maintain the Daycare’s financial viability and ensure that the Daycare’s goals and objectives are carried out. The Board usually meets once a month and parents are welcome to attend the meetings as observers. The names of current board members, the agenda and the minutes of the meetings are posted on the bulletin board at the front entrance. The Board may establish committees from time-to-time to deal with specific or ongoing issues (e.g. playground safety, finance, and personnel). Parents are encouraged to get involved with these committees even if they are not Board members. Parents are also encouraged to participate in duties or tasks applicable to their skills and of benefit to the Daycare.

Meet our 2022-2023 Board Members

President: Kathleen Miller (Preschool parent)

Vice-President: Laurence Dionne-Wilson (Toddler parent)

Secretary: Joelle Trottier (Toddler parent)

Treasurer: Francis Prescott (Toddler parent)

Members at large

  • Pablo Jacubovich
  • Dana Moran
  • Katheryn Viau
  • Rena Hogan
  • Elena Milicevic