Our programs

We, at Dow’s Lake Daycare, firmly believe in offering a program that promotes healthy development by creating a warm, loving, safe, healthy, positive and fun environment. Through active, challenging learning your children will excel while maturing into more independent, unique individuals.

Education for growing minds…

The curriculum at Dow’s Lake Daycare recognizes that children learn in many different ways and at different rates. For this reason our groups are organized by both the age and the stage of the child. We believe that children learn through inquiry and active involvement. We provide developmentally appropriate activities that challenge the child to master and extend their current level, and current social development, foster both receptive and expressive language skills, and enhance both fine and gross motor skills. These opportunities are cushioned in a balance between routine and transition times, structured play time and free play time.

2. Parent Handbook


Children with special needs can also be accommodated and the daycare is guided by the Andrew Fleck Child Care Service’s Integration Program.